Long-form posts + Patreon re-activated!

Hey everyone! I’ve been trying to get more into creating long-form posts lately, because there are a lot of things I'd like to share like process stuff, WIPs, reading/playing lists, game dev thoughts, etc., but it can get hard to do stuff like that because most of our online platforms right now aren't built for long-form posts, just short amounts of information. However, I like how Patreon organizes creators' posts, so I'm going to start posting stuff like that on there! All posts on there will NOT be paywalled -- everything is free to view, and some posts most likely will be cross-posted here since I’m a dingus and like the idea of decentralizing from toxic platforms and having your own hub for information, even if it’s not really convenient or necessarily easy to do, I think it’s worth trying. So, posts that are mostly text/images will make their way over here, but stuff that Patreon specializes in hosting — livestreams, polls, etc — will stay over there because I have no idea how I would even copy that stuff over to here lol.

If you're aware of that and you still want to throw some $$ my way on Patreon, that's really kind of you and I appreciate that! But please don't feel pressured to do so. Also, if you're a Patron that's still linked to this account from 2015-2016, now is a good time to adjust your pledges as you see fit. Best you do so before August 1st if you don't want to get charged a certain amount! 

I'd like to make long-form posts pretty often, mostly because when I get excited about art and stuff, I don't shut up lol. But I hope everyone will enjoy the posts! Thank you for reading, and talk again real soon! ✨