Being is an abstract adventure game that explores, from a future lens, the past and present of the Palestinian lived experience. The player controls an avatar from the distant future of Palestine on a mission to recover artifacts, memories, and messages from a mysterious house near an old border. The game's aspiration is to convey various aspects of living as a Palestinian during the past century, ranging from perpetual grief to enduring hope. 

Being was a part of Art Palestine International x Babycastles exhibition, Over the Rainbow, which showcased Palestinian art resonating out of the unique and valuable lived experiences of Palestinians -- both in the region and the diaspora. The show ran from March 16th to April 17th, 2017.


A companion comic to the video game -- by the same name -- expands on the universe in which Being takes place, and unpacks thoughts on possible Palestinian futures. 

The Being comic boldly imagines a Palestinian future involving space travel, queerness, and postgenderism.