Mis(h)adra is a comic in fifteen parts that aims to spread awareness about epilepsy by vividly depicting the daily life of a young Arab-American epileptic named isaac, who struggles to maintain a balancing act between his normal life and his abnormal condition. the title, formed from the Arabic words for "seizure," and "cannot," refers to the horrifying paralysis, both physical and emotional, caused by seizures. the comic is based on my own experience as an epileptic; nearly all of the characters, scenarios, and dialogue draw word-for-word from actual events during the four years since my diagnosis. Mis(h)adra was recently given a positive review in The Comics Journal, and has been featured by multiple blogs and advocates of epilepsy and mental health awareness. It's currently on schedule to come out in print in Fall 2017. the first chapter is available to read for free here. be safe: this comic is possibly triggering for anxiety, depression, physical trauma, emotional trauma, ptsd, and gore/body horror.