BEING (2017)

Part of the exhibition Habibicastles, a collaborative gallery show in conjunction with Art Palestine International celebrating Palestinian art, Being is an abstract adventure game that explores, from a future lens, the past and present of the Palestinian lived experience. The companion comic by the same name further explores Palestinian futurism.

tropical depession tendency - splash_TWITSAFE copy-square.jpg


A survival-horror game in four parts about exploring a seemingly-flawless tropical paradise while processing deep trauma and overcoming depressive states. This is a personal project that attempts to convey messages about overcoming PTSD and trauma.

4H latest promo.jpg


A simulation-game/visual novel about what happens to immigrants after the news cameras leave. My work on Four Horsemen included character design, cutscene graphics, promotional art, and supervision on Arabic and Islamic-related content.

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A mystery visual novel set in 1986 miami, featuring a lot of decision-making, crime-solving, and heart-breaking. My work on Ghosts of Miami included drawing in-game backgrounds and collaborating with character designer Cassie Freire to create CGs, as well as editorial work on the game’s script.