The Anti-Palestinian Propaganda

You Don’t Know You’re Consuming (2019)

A comic published on The Nib about depictions of Palestinians in modern popular media. From True Lies to World War Z, this comic dismantles pop culture to examine the harmful messages about Palestine that lie beneath. You can read the full comic on The Nib’s site by clicking here.

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A short comic for Electrum, a large anthology that gives a platform to and celebrates the voices and narratives of mixed-race creators. Rose Metal uses technology as an analogue for my own experience being mixed-race, and encourages the reader to not be constrained by their identity, but rather to love/accept it and find their own way in doing so.

Electrum was successfully overfunded in its Kickstarter campaign and will be available late spring/early summer 2019.

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BEING (2017)

Part of the exhibition Habibicastles, a collaborative gallery show in conjunction with Art Palestine International celebrating Palestinian art, Being is a companion comic to the video game of the same name — this comic further explores Palestinian lived experience + futurism.

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A short comic made for PEN America's
State of Emergency art series immediately following the 2016 presidential election.

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A Persona 5 fancomic centering around a member of the main cast having epilepsy and attempting to hide it from his friends.

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ZENITH (2016)

A post-apocalyptic Islamic futures adventure about the phases of the moon, islamic futures, and asserting your identity. Sales of this comic are donated to Islamic cultural centers and mosques, in an attempt to support communities that are directly affected by Islamophobia.

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A collaborative comic with Vreni Stollberger; 60 pages of thoughts + feelings on life, technology, and playing god. Originally risograph-printed.

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A short comic conceived for an anthology that details an abstract journey to free a barren world from an eternal winter into a new season of spring. This comic’s narrative is an analogue for the snare of the aftermath of the Arab Spring — often referred to as the Arab Winter — and conveys the hope that we can enter a new Spring.