IDENTITY // 2017

A short comic created for PEN America's post-2016 election art series, State of Emergency. 
The full comic is available to read on PEN America's site.

ZENITH // 2016

A post-apocalyptic islamic futures adventure about the phases of the moon,
Islamic futures,  and learning how to assert your identity. 

During November and December 2016, Zenith was available as a pay-what-you-want-donation
to raise money for the ACLU and Muslim community centers based in Florida.
During those six weeks, readers showed generous support and strength.

Zenith is now permanently up for donation towards organizations & efforts that fight Islamophobia.

Current donation totals:
ACLU: $400 // ISCF: $310 // MCA(SF): $90
Victims of Islamophobic attacks in 2017: $30


A short comic about Middle Eastern futurism originally conceived for an anthology.


A short comic for SVA's INK! summer edition.