Four Horsemen is an SLG/visual novel about what happens to immigrants after the news cameras leave. It's also a story about four lovable teenage goofballs who hang out in an
abandoned World War II-era machine gun bunker. It's also a story about what it means to be at the end of the world. It turns out that these are all the same thing.

My work for Four Horsemen encompassed designing all characters, creating all character art, and drawing all CGs + promo art.

BEING // (CREATOR) // 2017

Being is an abstract adventure game that explores, from a future lens, the past and present of the Palestinian lived experience. The player controls an avatar from the distant future of Palestine on a mission to recover artifacts, memories, and messages from a mysterious house near an old border. The game's aspiration is to convey various aspects of living as a Palestinian during the past century,
ranging from perpetual grief to enduring hope. 

Being was a part of Art Palestine International x Babycastles exhibition, Over the Rainbow, which showcased Palestinian art resonating out of the unique and valuable lived experiences of Palestinians -- both in the region and the diaspora. The show ran from March 16th to April 17th, 2017.


Miami, 1986. On average, one person is murdered every day in Dade County. Between the drug cartels, the AIDS epidemic, and a flood of undocumented immigrants, hundreds more will vanish, never to be seen again. Chelo Martínez finds the people who slip through the cracks. Ghosts of Miami is a mystery visual novel, featuring a lot of decision-making, crime-solving, and heart-breaking. In each of the five cases, you get to pick how Chelo spends her time. You can follow leads or get distracted by dangerous romantic options. Available on now! 

My work for Ghosts of Miami encompassed drawing all in-game backgrounds and collaborating with character designer Cassie Freire on all in-game CGs. This process includes extensive research and direct reference to real-life environments in and around Miami, Florida.